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A Birthday

Ah, yes, I am blessed with another birthday.   Many of our family members met at Panera Bread for a get together, complete with cards, gifts. noisy chatter, and laughter.    Having a big family is GREAT!    (I am on the left with the black jacket)

P1010417 gathering

These are cards I received.   Notice the one telling me I am a custom design, tailor made.

P1010421 cards

And gifts:   some wonderful mesh bags for bringing produce – no more dragging all those thin plastic bags home, only to recycle.

P1010420 bag gift + worms

And a worm bin from one and worms for the bin from someone willing to part with some of his much loved pet worms    (no photos of these yet)

And a really darling little hedgehog magnet that now holds front and center on the refrigerator

P1010422 HH gift _ worm bin

And soon after I came home,  these two marvelous creatures arrived.    They are darling 3 month old white Cormo lambs.

P1010418 he she babies

P1010419 cormo babies

Plus all the emails wishing me a Happy Birthday –  I am indeed blessed     Thanks to each of you.

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