surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras were on our shopping expedition today.   We looked at several, but did not make a decision.   We still need to figure out if our modem will reach to the barn which is about 150 feet away.   The barn is where we need the cameras.  Reading the pros and cons of people who have purchased them is educational as I am learning about things I would not have thought to ask.    If any of you has a system that works outside, I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve also been having “fun” with my wireless mouse.   It doesn’t want to work anymore.   After getting spoiled with it, the plug in mouse feels awkward.   I’m going to have to look for a solution to this as well

I did get some knitting done, but not much.

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  1. Donna says:

    I don’t have any advice on the best camera; or, even one that would be good enough. I did want to comment on the wireless mouse, though. I had a wireless mouse for many years. My computer has outlasted it.

    My new cat, who I have had for about a year and a half decided he wanted to play with the mouse. Many mornings I would find the mouse on the ground somewhere in the vicinity of my desk. Sometimes it would have the battery cover popped off. The battery didn’t pop out so easy. But, for some reason, the mouse would not work with the battery cover off. The poor mouse just suffered too much trauma and eventually stopped working.

    My son had a corded mouse that came with his new computer. He wasn’t using it; so, he told me that I could use it with my computer. My computer is ten years old and I’m hoping it will last until I can afford a new one. The corded mouse is working great and it doesn’t seem awkward. Except it is a gaming mouse and there are buttons on it that my wireless mouse did not have. Every now and then, my thumb bumps one of the buttons on the side. Then weird things happen on the screen. But, when the cat tries playing with it, the mouse doesn’t fall to the floor.

  2. jatshaw says:

    Are those socks? It looks like a nice pattern…great colors also!