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Grandson’s visit

The grandson’s visit was a treat.     The weather was perfect, with the sun shining,  and for a bit we sat on the deck and visited with our daughter while they went into the pasture to visit with the pond, the geese and the new ducklings. (tragically, there are now only three).    Then I took them (they are nearly 12 and 13+). up to the barn so they could help catch sheep and read number tags.  They had a lot of fun doing that.  Of course whenever we have to catch sheep, it is a circus which the boys enjoyed.   The Cormos don’t mind, but the Shetlands do not want to be caught.

The tomatoes took some time, because they haven’t had all the attention they needed, but they now are standing straight without suckers.  The cucumbers are trying to take more space than I have allowed them, so they need at least every other day attention.  The rest of the plants in the hoop house are doing what they are supposed to do, except for the beans which need to be replanted.  I’m not sure why they didn’t want to grow.

Later today, the fence was electrified and the dogs tested it.   No, they didn’t get shocked as they are smarter than that, but they pushed over a weak fence post.  It is now repaired and time will tell how long it will take them to figure out a new way to go visit neighbors.

The garden is watered and has the added attraction of slug bait, since the slugs have eaten all the squash and pumpkin plants.  Sometimes It is difficult to keep up with everything that needs doing.