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Sunbonnet quilting

Not only have I decided on a pattern for the Sunbonnet quilting, I actually have begun the quilting.   It isn’t the pattern that was #1 on my list, but I went with the second idea of all these little daisies and I like it.  Maybe I’ll squeeze a bit of time on Father’s day to finish the quilting.   Then I want to put something in her hand, but haven’t decided on that yet.   After spending the morning at the eye doctor and another appointment, I very much needed to do something creative and was happy to have this quilt ready to go.   It feeds the soul to work on something pretty.

I picked a few strawberries today, but I am not happy with the quality, so I may pull them at the end of the season and put new ones in next year.

I also managed to get in a quick trip to the grocery store and pick up the chicken for the dogs, get it in ziplock bags and freeze it.

This very full day has come to an end and so have we, so I’ll say, Shabbat Shalom and have a terrific Father’s day this week end.  Those of you with families, love and cherish them.