Daily Archives: June 12, 2017




Perseverance (paper piecing)

Perseverance paid off.   This little section was very challenging for me.   Geometry was not my best subject.   And when I have to sew and flip, it doesn’t always make sense.   See the line between #1 and #2.   I gave that 16 tries before I decided that for me there was a better way to accomplish this.   So I sewed the correct angle only the fabric, pressed and placed it where it belonged.   That was the most difficult piece in all of this.

Here is the finished magpie.   He is part of the Winter Woodland series by www.SilverLiningsOriginals.com.  Of course there is another one, so I will get to see what I remember from the first round.  And maybe that angle will be easier next time.    Finished he measures 6 x 10.

I was asked if I get tired of quilting and other fiber adventures.  I think we can get tired of anything we do over and over.   However, when I clean house, make meals, and garden, the work that I do, doesn’t show or stay done.   When I do something with fiber, it lasts a very long time and I can see that I have done something.   I do change what I do, which is why you don’t see only quilting or only embroidery or only knitting.   If I only did one thing, then yes, I would probably get burned out.


We had some new friends move in this morning and what fun that was tonight when they each wanted to be first at the food bowls.  So now I have ordered new coats so they can stay clean this winter and have more valuable coats in the spring.