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Tidying up and Occupational therapist

 Right inside the back door is the fertilizer and seed that we use in the hoop house.   It is kept there during the summer  because the hoop house is too humid to keep it in there and we don’t like to run through the house to get it when needed.

The visiting PT wants it moved and she is coming back tomorrow, so now it is restacked.  I’m hoping she will be happy with this arrangement.   I agree that it does look neater,  which is something that gets thrown by the wayside when one is always in a hurry.

The lambs received their first shot this morning and the geese received leg bands. Then one of the new geese vanished.   I do hope he shows up, but don’t have high hopes.    I’m very thankful for help today as now the strawberries are weeded and netting over the top.  She’s good at catching sheep and geese as well.

The occupational therapist was here and put DH through the hoops.   The way he is being questioned, you would think he became disabled at the hospital.   I asked how long this would go on and was told “until he has been released”.   That’s an answer?  OK.

These 4 bags of food have been in the car for about a week and a half now, so I decided to roll them up to the barn (animal cracker are for treats).

Look at the reception party!  The whole gang turned out.  Anytime they see me, they think grain or treats of some sort.   But then, there might be a reason for that.