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Lemons and skips

Yes, we have lemons – that is 4 lemons the size of cherry tomatoes.   It’s time study up and see what went wrong.  The little tree is now full of fresh blossoms and seems to be very happy out in the hoop house this summer.

 I continue to have new experiences and usually just when I think I have learned this machine.  This is a scene put down with heat and bond.   The quilting machine didn’t seem very happy about that.  See those skips.   I continued on and then took it to the sewing machine, which also refused to sew on it.   I washed it and then I was able to stitch it on the sewing machine.  I have quilted through this before without any issues.  Does anyone have any ideas what was happening?

I did finally finish this “cabin in the woods” hanging and it’s okay, but I wish the quilting would have gone better.   This was a test quilt for the on-line Quilt Magazine.  I think it was featured in the October 2016 issue.  It was in line to be quilted last fall when it decided to vanish.   I found it after Christmas sitting between two stacks of drawers.   It finished at 34″ square.