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Tranquility, ducks, and hoophouse

The pond is drying up, but I still love being on the deck taking all this in.   The last two days, this scene has been a place of tranquility for me.  The temperatures have been good, with just the slightest bit of breeze as I sat on the deck and took this in.   It is so peaceful in a world that isn’t.

Mother duck did a great setting job and today she was off the nest just long enough to show me these 5 cuties.

And then it was time to pick a few strawberries for DH.

I got a bit carried away planting lettuce this spring.  It’s the first time I actually planted enough and then I planted too much.

And once again, there is a tomato jungle.   I only put in 12 plants and then the volunteers started coming up like crazy.  I have a difficult time throwing them out, and the next thing I know is there a jungle in there.

Here is some Swiss chard, celery, and walking onions.

In the front are watermelons, then individual sized cantaloupe.  Further back, are the zucchinis.  On the other side of this row we will be planting winter broccoli and cauliflower and cabbage.   Across the back are currently some potatoes, that will be coming out soon to make way for the beets and carrots.