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Medical Invasion

At least that’s what it feels like here.  This is the schedule so far.

  • home health RN yesterday
  • PT in home today
  • PT coming back Tuesday and Friday
  • OT coming sometime next week

And that wouldn’t be so bad if they just came and left, but the house has to be company clean, because they go up and down the hall with him and into the various rooms to see how he does.   She has him do things like get into and out of the bathtub, sit at various places and on various chairs – all to see how he does.  That is making extra house cleaning.    Yes, I am grateful they offer these services, well offer isn’t the right word as there was no option.  I have some seeds and fertilizer by the back door and today I was told to move them because he cannot turn the walker around there. I pointed out how it could be turned around as I’m an ace at that walker, but she didn’t want to hear it.   I’m not sure where they want them moved, but maybe, just maybe, they should include a cleaning person with these requests.    Oh, yes, she would also like a different height bed, so could I take the wheels off this very heavy king sized bed?  We have wood floors and I need to be able to move the bed or the dust bunnies will take over more than they already do.   Wow, was I glad I got them out from under there before she came.   Enough whining!

I made a recipe for Ezekiel bread which was a batter bread today.   It tasted very flat, but the chickens liked it.

OK, now a question for you:   Since it looks like my world will be upside down for ?, would you rather have me continue the blog as is, on a weekly basis, or just when I am doing a fiber item?    I enjoy sharing with you and have made some really good friends with this blog, but don’t want to bore you.