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Dentist time

I didn’t take a photo, because I think all of you are acquainted with a dental office (or you should be).   An hour drive each way and 3 hours in the chair produced a new crown.   This dentist uses porcelain so is able to make the crown while one is there.   I do like having the job done in one visit instead of 2.    I’ll go back in 10 days to do the “little fillings”.   Unfortunately this state is well known to produce “teeth with problems” and I am a product of this state.   Jen came to visit with her father so he wouldn’t do anything that would cause a fall as that is what they seem to be most concerned about.

The public heath nurse called this morning and wanted to visit.  DH told her we were doing fine and she didn’t need to come.   Do you hear my big sigh of relief on that?  If any of you find yourself in a situation where the “powers that be” feel they need to send people into your home to give you services, be aware, that nothing – not one room is off limits.   They go through the house as if it is theirs, looking in closets, under beds etc. – oh, and they don’t ask.   I am really hoping this ends soon, so we can get back to living.   However, the nurse yesterday, did say she thought she needed to do med checks for another three weeks.  DH is really doing quite well, though still a bit tired.

After my big morning, I prepared meals, went to get some potting soil, took a nap and did a bit of knitting.   So I had a rather relaxed afternoon.  Tomorrow we are back on the road.