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Another broken weather record

This is an interesting year.  We had a record rainfall this spring and now another broken weather record with today’s heat.   It reached 96 which beat the 86 record 11 years ago.    Many in this area don’t have air conditioning because it would only get used maybe 5 days a year.   For us, that isn’t worth the expense.   Beside which if you have a daylight basement which is common in this area, it is cooler there.   My studio is on the lower level, so I spent some time there today, and actually had to come up to the main floor to warm up.

Between the rain this spring and the early and higher temps, the gardens and weeds are not on a predictable cycle.   In fact, this is the most out of control weed season we have had.   Some of us have had trouble with a few seeds not germinating and/or growing as we are used to them doing.  Nature likes to keep us guessing.   Yesterday, we did pick our first tomatoes from the hoop house.   They were a smaller variety, but oh, how good the vine ripened tomatoes are.

For lunch today we had a red, white, and blue potato salad.   The blue are potatoes from the garden this spring.  Red peppers were in the freezer from last years harvest and the white was tofu.  It was good and there will be enough for another meal.

We do enjoy sitting in the pasture with the dogs and sheep.   At least when we aren’t trying to keep everything watered.   It’s a lost cause with the weeds.