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Sunbonnet Sue gets her turn

Do you remember these Sunbonnet Sue tops from February 2015?  They have been hanging in the closet waiting for their turn.   I still don’t know how they want to be quilted, but they will have a pink flannel back. (currently in the dryer.)   They are really wanting to be used to cuddle a little girl.

We had a visit with the internist today.   She told us that in the 35 years she has been in internal medicine, she has never seen a large cyst that was clear.   She has only seen two other large cysts, but both were filled with puss.   The operating doctor had sent samples to the lab for analysis and they found nothing but clear liquid.   So we go back in 6 week intervals to see if anything has changed, or sooner if pain occurs.    We thank the Lord for this great news. And we thank you, our friends and family, for your thoughts and prayers.