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Baby maples trees, the dentist

These baby maple trees are from last fall’s “helicopters” that the big maple scatters.   If I don’t get them pulled now, by next year, they will have such a root system, I won’t be able to pull most of them out.    It takes about an hour an a half to pull one section of these.  I have mentally divided the blueberry and grape area into 8 sections.   Yesterday I pulled one section, today I pulled another.   If I get out there in the morning the weather is perfect for crawling all over this mulch and pulling them out.  Hopefully after my gym lesson tomorrow, I can get another section done.   It will look and feel good to get this area cleaned up.

Today I followed this act by going to the dentist who is an hour away.   By the time I got there, they had already had two emergencies so he was running l a t e.    The total trip was 4.5 hours.   I am now happily done with the dentist until next time the teeth have to be cleaned.   But I was too tired to get anything done when I came home.   I was very happy to have already cooked the rice and beans for dinner.

After dinner we have been relaxing while watching Vegan chef Mark Anthony make some quick and interesting meals on his YouTube channel.  It’s always fun to watch someone else do the work.