Daily Archives: June 2, 2017




Sheep coats and June projects


 What a relief it is to have the sheep wearing their nice new coats.   It is a project with which I need help.  We are getting better at this.   With the crook, they are held at the neck, then the coat is slipped over the head and the crook adjusted to over the coat.  Then each hind leg is picked up and put through the strap.   That sounded easy, didn’t it.  And it would be if the sheep wasn’t struggling so hard to get away and back to her friends.   Only with Ava is this easy because she wants to please me and be with me.

June projects:


  1.  Linking up to OMG (one monthly goal) to make these paper pieced magpies, which are in the bunny series.

2. Patchwork times #7  will be this cute little wall hanging which includes little lights in the sky.   This will be interesting and a new technique.  I bought this pattern some time ago and it is time to make it.

3.  WA state quilters will be #   – this snow cabin in the woods which needs some stitching around the cabin, then quilted and bound.  This was a pattern I tested last year and then somehow lost this little quilt, so it didn’t get finished.

4.  Hatched in Africa will be a pair of jeans embroidered with their design.  For every three consecutive month we use their designs on a project, they give us $10 of free designs.  I love their designs so have many in my library that I haven’t yet used.   That someday is here for some of them

So it appears that I will be getting a jump on Christmas in July.   And this year I’ll get to use these two hangings that have been sitting here waiting for their turn.