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Knitting again

Knitting again:  It’s not much, but here is my second cast on for these socks.  I miscounted the first time.  I now have a cast on and one row knitted.  It’s a start and all I need is more time.   I like this yarn as it goes through the wash and dryer with all the other clothes – no special care and yet it is 75% wool.

Today we had  a visit from a pair of visiting nurse with  the  threat    assurance one will be back next week.   Then then a daughter came to visit for a short time and was followed by the PT.   This time she gave DH  3 exercises to work on gaining back strength.    She will be back Friday.  Tomorrow, the daughter that was here Monday will be back because I have a 2 hour dental appointment which is an hour away and we are not comfortable leaving him alone that long – at  least not yet, even though he is doing quite a bit better.

There was a lot of bleating in the pasture at 5.30 this afternoon, so I went to see if we had coyote issues or ? even though the dogs were unconcerned.   There was nothing wrong, but the sheep had had enough day and wanted their evening treat and to be put to bed an hour early.   Who would have thought they could get together and plan this.  They were all there waiting.

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  1. I’m chuckling at the visual picture of the sheep “unionizing” to get their treat! They must have been watching “Shawn the Sheep” videos to get that idea!
    One year while we were farming, hubby worked off the farm, and got home at 4 pm. Without fail, at 3:55, the sheep started lining up at the fence, waiting for him to come home. How did they know what time it was???