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Garden Update

P1000529 tomatoesTomatoes trying to go through the roof of the greenhouse.


Tomatoes after pruning back.  There are still a couple tall ones I missed.   But for the most part, they are no higher than I can reach.

P1000544 banana

Jungle as you enter and leave greenhouse.   These bananas just keep growing and growing.   Now if they would only produce bananas,  they would thrill me.

Todays’ Harvest

P1000539 picked raspberries


P1000538 raspberries

And here are two of the clean up crew.   Never a berry drops that they miss.   And I saw a large rooster straining as high as he could reach to help himself.

P1000542 potatoes

Potatoes – those are 4 gallon buckets and one is 3/4 full, the other about half full.    This is one half of a small row.

P1000547 tomatoes

A few of today’s tomatoes.    We get fresh ones every other day.

P1000550 dehy mush

Then there is the dehydrating.   These are store mushrooms that are ready for whenever I’m out.

P1000549 dehy cant

P1000548 dehy watermelon

I dried some cantaloupe and some watermelon.   They took much longer than the 14 hours the book said, but maybe mine were a bit thicker.   I don’t think I’d want them any thinner.  They are interesting.   I did two cantaloupes and one watermelon.    We’ll see in the middle of winter if they taste as good as they did today.

P1000543 silly polish

Look at this little Polish bantam pretending to be the king.   He is way down at the bottom of the garden on the tomato trellis. He’s the little white head at the very top of this photo.   All his buddies are up here on the other side of the house by the greenhouse.    Sometimes I think all that headgear makes him a bit crazy.

P1000536 we al head to nite quarters

And finally it’s time to put everyone to bed.    What they won’t do for a bit of grain!

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