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Today was full and yet I feel as if I didn’t get anything done.. I got up at 4 and did some knitting, but the weather has been warm enough I wanted to get an early start outside. So I read urgent email, put in a load of laundry, then went out to the greenhouse, where I picked another 2 gallons of tomatoes and the same size bucket of greens. There were even a couple cucumbers ready. I brought those in and washed them as the potatoes boiled. We had fried potatoes with onions, broccoli and tomatoes for breakfast.

I washed up the tomatoes and set about 1/2 of them aside and peeled and am cooking the rest of them along with Sunday’s pickings for pasta sauce. I’d really like to get several quarts canned for the winter.

We ate breakfast and cleaned up, then I went out to water the greenhouse. It was now time to pull weeds from the entrance to the house. The ground is so dry, I don’t understand how anything grows, but there is a very persistent water iris that we thought we had completely taken out. So in the morning I will soak the front really good and then try to tackle the water iris new shoots.

Then I went to the strawberry patch to try getting weeds out of there. I hired a teen boy yesterday and the prior day, but apparently he doesn’t quite understand work. He did plant another bed of strawberries and put straw down. For the amount of time spent – enough said. I need to get the weeds out and put straw between the existing plants. And clean the aisle he said didn’t have any weeds left, then redistribute the straw.

At noon we took off for Bellevue (3 hour round trip) to the Blind Alley to find some blinds for our bedroom. They had a very good selection. However, we have not yet made up our minds.

Back home we came and I had many steps still to do for my Fitbit, so spent an hour doing that, made dinner, turned the sprinkler on the strawberries as I would like the weeds to actually come out of the ground easily.

I’ve been thinking what to do for the blog. So after dinner, I came to the sewing studio to make a Block for one of the BOMs that I am doing. I made 24 flying geese blocks to show you that is the first part of this block and GUESS WHAT! After they are nicely done, I see that the colors are reversed. Tomorrow I plan to make them reversed of what you see here.

P1020146 reverse fly geese

It feels as if I have been going all day, with nothing to show for it. Tomorrow must be better.

The animals are fed and bedded down, so off to do the last half hour of walking and then to bed.