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Kitchen products

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in the kitchen as well.    So now there are a few jars of pasta sauce and a couple experimental ones of beans.   I would love to get to the point that in the winter or in a hurry,  I could just open a jar and have a fast, healthy meal.  The freezer is full and what if we had a several day outage and I lost that food.   That won’t happen with canned food.

P1000509 canned pasta sauce and beans

I also dehydrate items that sometimes would hit the trash such as celery tops.    ]

P1000505 drying celery tops

Then I blended them    If you’re not careful, you will have powder everywhere, so I put a towel over the blender while blending, then let it settle a bit before opening.    This blender was full when I started it.

P1000507 blender jar

Looking down into jar, see how green the sides are.   This doesn’t shake out, so I just leave it to be part of our breakfast smoothie.

P1000506 lookiing into blender

This is how much I have off 5 of my dehydrator trays which filled the blender.   I add this many of our foods.

P1000508 dehy celery tops

And here is Patrick – the young man who with his father is renovating our bathroom.

P1000510 patrick working on mb