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Tell it to the stars Aug BOM

I did take an hour to spin this morning before life got in the way.   The spinning is definitely an inch by inch project.     Most of the rest of the morning is a blur.

After lunch I started re making the flying geese – all 24 of them.   No I didn’t throw the first ones away as they will be used somewhere.    I worked all afternoon and just finished the blocks for this month on this project.

The new “flying geese”

P1020148 corrected flying geese

Flying geese with  wings

P1000497 fly geese w wings.

The sides added

p1000498 Aug tell it to the stars


P1000499 trimming

Trimmed  and all 10 of these blocks are done

P1000500 trimmed

These must be the corner blocks and there as there are only 4 of them.  These are interesting blocks and I’m really curious to see how she uses the  larger triangles.

P1000501 corner piece

I think I’ll try to sew a few pillowcases tomorrow – they give instant satisfaction.