Daily Archives: August 10, 2014




Aurifil Aug BOM

P1000515 Aurfil button block

Isn’t this a cute block designed to look like a button.    It was fun to put together.

 P1000516 Aurifil blocks

All  8 of the Aurifil blocks for this year.   They are being put together to be a Christmas quilt.

 P1000517 bag under serger

This may be a bit tricky to see  because I have a pillowcase in the works.   But it hit me, that some of you may not realize that you don’t need anything fancier than a store bag to catch the scraps the serger removes.

 P1000518 imperfection

Check some store pillowcases.   They aren’t always perfect either.   So if my trim is a bit off on the side, I let it go.  It’s a PILLOWCASE.

 P1000519 tonites finishes

I did grab enough time to get 7 more done today to bring my total to 18.    See, bit by bit, it happens and it really doesn’t take that long.    It does help that my husband pulls the stuffing out of the burrito so the band is right side out.

This morning I did spend about an hour spinning, but it will be awhile yet, before I have more to show.  Spinning is slow, but relaxing.    Now off to get the rest of the steps done tonight.   15,000 daily takes me 1 1/2 – 2 hours plus my normal walking around.   However, it does reduce the muffin top which I don’t want or need.