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Pressure canning

The husband has fallen in love with home canned beans – pinto, black, red, white – whichever is in a jar that he can pop off the lid and pour over potatoes or rice or ????.  Variety is good.   I had never canned these beans before, just always cooked them when I wanted to use them.   This  year after reading several accounts of others canning them, I tried some.   So now that he can bake a potato and pour beans of some type over it, I think I can run away.    All kidding aside,  I spent most of today in the kitchen instead of the garden weeding.     I cooked and canned 40 pints of red beans and  black beans.  Tomorrow, perhaps garbanzos and pintos, though apparently it would be welcome if there were jars of split pea soup and lentil soup.    Hmmmmmmm.    Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea – more sewing time this winter, right?

Their are still 10 pints in the canner.

P1020165 canned beans P1020166 canned beansThe kettle in the background has beans soaking in it overnight so I’ll be ready to go early