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Spinning now on bobbins

P1020113 rain

We are enjoying spectacular weather and the weather man thinks it will continue this coming week.    However he missed this 5 minute show yesterday.   It really was only drops.

I have been spinning yarn between other tasks and thought perhaps you’d like to see some.   It still needs to be plied before being knitted, but I’m still practicing the spinning part.

P1020114 spun samples

These are all the bobbins I’ve done since I came home from class.   One can spin for a very long time and still it doesn’t look like much.

P1020116 wool, silk dog

The one on the top is dog hair, the middle is wild silk and the lower one is wool.  I am enjoying spinning.  At this point it is relaxing and gives me thinking I

I can’t avoid mentioning  that we have a new associate pastor – just out of college that has some energy.   He started the sermon with a hoop and a holler which got everyone’s attention and I doubt anyone went to sleep.