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Pillowcases – 25 more

In between housecleaning—which was screaming,  laundry and picking out more tiles for the tub surround, I did grab enough time to finish 25 more pillowcases that I had started yesterday.   This brings the total to 40.   I think I’ll go back to knitting  before I do more of these.  Perhaps I can finish the Widsith socks.  There’s always hope.

P1000535 15 pillowcases

The tub surround is done, now to do the front side of the tub and the curb tiles around the floor – but first I have to decide how tall I want them.   Then it needs grouting and sealing and the towel bar and the shower curtain bar and we’ll be finished.   So I’m thinking we’re in for another week of disruption.    At least it seems that way when it is the Master bath.    How can one tiny bath take so long?     Somehow, when we’re enjoying it, these memories won’t seem so bad.

Have a terrific weekend.