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Widsith Socks heel

It was a warm day with temperatures in the mid 90s.   I did a bit of knitting, finishing the heel and am now ready for the instep and foot part.

P1000520 heel turned

To cool off a bit, we went to Costco.   Now we didn’t really need anything, except to walk for our Fitbits.   I talked him into going up and down a couple aisles and then it was “are we done, can we leave”    I asked what we were going to do when we left.   Since he didn’t have any idea, we spent a lot of time walking up and down the aisles, mostly in the food area, and reading labels.  Some men really don’t like to shop.   We did find a couple new items to try in the freezer section.  One, we tried for dinner tonight was Quinoa, kale, onion, and a bit of oil.      I chopped fresh tomatoes into it.   It won our approval.

This evening we laid out the tiles for the tub surround which when laid on the floor do not look like they will on the wall.   That’s what I like about quilt blocks, you CAN put them on the wall and see how they look.    This is the layout that we ended up with, but I’m still not ready to have them laid this way.    What you’re looking at is 6 tiles high, 3 tiles wide on each end and 5 wide in the middle.   Here are two shots so maybe you visualize.  We took the photo from each end.   And the lighting does not help.

P1000521n bath surround

P1000524 bath surround

And here is the young man putting this tile up.

P1000510 patrick working on mb