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Pillowcases – 11 finished

The first 11 pillowcases are done except to pull the serger thread to the inside of the seam.   Here they are the usual way we stack pillowcases.

P1000514 11 finished

Liz, one of this post’s followers posted in her comment that the accent piece stays better after washing, if topstitched first.    Of course it would, but I have never seen it done.   That’s brilliant!   Thanks so much Liz, these are all being topstitched.   This is easy to accomplish while the pillowcase is still flat out.   I topstitched the ones on which I had already stitched the cuff.

P1000502 contrast sewn down

Then on the ones I have not stitched the cuff, I’m going to topstitch the accent piece on to the body of the pillowcase BEFORE I attach all the pieces in the burrito roll.   This way nothing will slip.  It can be a bit of a hassle if the accent piece slips down when you are sewing the pieces all together.

P1000512 topstitching first

So after topstitching, I serged up the side and across the top and then turned them inside out to press.

P1000513 11 finished

Yes they all have some form of green because I started with the green fabrics in my inventory and they can all be serged without changing the thread.  There is a variety from things teens might choose to child ones.

I’d love to see photos of the ones you make.  Your comments encourage me and sometimes make me think.


Today video 2 of the health lecture was released for one week