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Preparing for winter

One of the things that I try to do is to be as truly prepared for winter as possible.   If there is a snowstorm or a power outage,  I don’t want to have to navigate the roads and I’m quite sure others don’t want me to either.  I also stay home when the flu season is the worst.

 I am thrilled to have enough hay now in the hay building for the animals.   It was rather interesting since I have not purchased 2 ton for this location.   The last bale barely fit into the building.

 P1000566 2 tons of hay

Add to animal feed, the people food.   I have been freezing and canning all summer.  We started with the berries and yesterday and today,  I cooked some beans and canned them as well as picked 4 pints of green beans.    Tomorrow I’ll pick more tomatoes and then can the green beans and tomatoes in the same load as they take fewer minutes.   Pressure cooking just takes more time than water bathes.  Here are today’s black beans, cannellini beans and some garbanzos.   I love being able to just grab a pint of beans for a quick meal, so in September when the weather is a bit cooler, I’ll be putting up  many more of these.

P1000567 canned beans