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Pillowcase Recap

P1000525 7 more pillowcases

Only finished 7 today.   However I did topstitch the accent piece on about 50.   So next time I’m ready, they will be ready to go.

Recapping how to make a pillowcase.

2″ accent piece width of fabric (wof)

9″ piece for the band – wof

27″ piece for the case. wof     If you find are buying a new print, try finding one where the pattern will go around the pillow.   Because I was using what I had on hand for these (and they are for kids)  I used whatever I thought they might like, even if it went lengthwise.

This is a bit different than the first time I gave instructions because that was before I was topstitching the accent down.

  1. I prewash the fabrics before cutting so I know how it will behave when in use.

  2. Press accent piece in half = raw edges even

  3. Top stitch accent piece to case, raw edges even   (know which side you want next to the band)

  4. Lay the band down right side up (again check if you want it to go a certain way)

  5. Put accent piece with case on it, right side down.

  6. Roll up case inside the band and pull band over like a burrito

  7.   PIN away from the edge is you are serging, otherwise you can pin the normal way.

  8. Sew/serge the band on

  9. Pull insides out and press.

  10. Sew/serge up side and top

  11. Take a large needle and pull starting thread up through the thread on side