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Look at my little workers.    There are lots of them in there now, but as soon as they see light, they head down under.

 P1020108 worms

I absolutely love it when all I have to do is walk out in the garden and decide what to fix for a meal.     Today I dug somewhat more than 10# of lovely red potatoes.  There are plenty more out there to dig and put away for winter use.

 P1020097 sm reds

P1020096lg red potatoes

Then I spied some salad onions that were ready

 P1020098 table onions

Going in another direction, there were beautiful tomatoes, (some of which are being popped into the freezer until I have cooler weather to deal with them)

 P1020099 tomatoes P1020101 P1020109 picture book tomatoes

lettuce, kale, basil and celery

 P1020103 celery, lettuce, kale, basil

So how does baked potatoes and a large salad fresh from the garden sound to you?       Thank you, Father!

And this afternoon it was back to the wholesale house for  towel hangers and a towel paper fixture that we didn’t select yesterday.  We should have taken a list.



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