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July socks 2


P1020013 purple socks strat

I’m not sure what pattern I want to use on the stripped socks that I started yesterday, so I put them aside and started these purple ones instead.   As you can see, I’ll have to be a speed demon to get them done by the end of the month and since there is gardening and watering to do,  they probably won’t get finished this month.   But then, I did get a cowl done this month, so maybe that counts as 1/2 a pair of socks.

P1020006 omatoes

These are from the volunteer tomatoes that I left in the greenhouse.  This is a 2 gallon container, half full.   I swore I would not keep anymore volunteers, but I’m about to relent and maybe keep 6 plants.   They are so much earlier than the other tomatoes.

P1020008 elephant garlic

I bought a clove of Elephant garlic at the grocery store and saved 6  pieces to plant (outside)   It did so well,  I plant to put in even more this year.  I’ll save back from these plants.

P1020009 reg garlic

This normal looking garlic grouping has both some red and some white.   I’m thinking I bought a small package of it for planting.   But that was last fall and my mental computer fails me.

P1020010 garlic starts

These little things are on the side of the normal garlic.   Do you know, can I just plant them and expect garlic next year from them or are they seed and take two years.     Maybe I should look that one  up.  OK   looked that up and yes, I can plant it, but somewhere that it will have two years to grow.  So that might be among other plants since the garlic does give off odor of which many bugs are not fond.

P1020011 cabbage

I put cabbage in the greenhouse  this spring.    My guess is that it was too warm in there for it as it didn’t grow well.   So these are rather cute little “personal” sized cabbages.   Next year after I get it started, I’ll put it out in the garden and put slug bait around it daily.   Slugs got all the broccoli that I put out this year.   But then I only put the bait out on a weekly basis and it rained profusely.

P1020012 lettuce

The lettuce is needing to be replanted this week in a different spot as it has become leggy with other plants shading it too much.  So I’ll plant it where I took the cabbage out.

   I could show you the raspberries, but I’m afraid the didn’t even hit the bowl.   They were directly consumed.     I like these plants that produce year after year without replanting.