Daily Archives: July 30, 2014




Master Bath

Today the men came to make our master bathroom new again.   The toilet base was cracked and unknown to us leaking under the floor.   The tub is not yet leaking, but was headed that way with the old fixtures.

So we spent some time at the showroom picking out new fixtures including faucets.   Sometimes the difference between models is not visible to me.   I mean – a toilet is a toilet – right?    The bathtub we had, we really liked, so picked the same look, but without the Jacuzzi which was the part that was threatening trouble.     We chose a nice mottled marble for the floor.

 P1020061 old bathroom

And here is how it is looking this evening.   The floor and toilet are out.   The tub will come out and there will be a new toilet, tub, floor and door, but it will look much the same.   Only the floor will really look different.  But it will take the rest of this week and perhaps some of next week.