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A knitter’s gifts BOM

July  is nearly over, and  I’m nearly caught up with my BOM”S     Today I worked on a lovely hat for the Knitter’s gifts by Denise Russert


This is the quilt with the blocks we have done so far.


The other thing we spent a considerable amount of time on  and phone calls to the company was to install an  update to the quilting machine.   Updates requite redoing most of the connections and the photos weren’t explicit enough for us.   Thankfully the gentleman at the company very patiently guided us through it.   I don’t think  the update would have been necessary except that the computer part of the machine no longer worked after we had the machine cleaned.   (making note to self  to use different company next round)   Computers can be expensive so I opted to just do an upgrade.   Now I get to learn the new programs as the upgrade is on a HP tablet with Windows 8


A look at the underside of the carriage


Oops, I didn’t think about the flash, but know that the computer is now working and ready for me to learn how to guide it.