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July 2014 Sew Fun


The manager of the store is wearing this inventive hat to show that the company has rented the space next door and  now will have a major expansion which is so badly needed.    Today’s program was = what else, – But “Christmas in July”   which  makes perfect sense if you are set to make gifts or live “down under” where it is the height of summer Dec 25.


This lovely quilt or table top is from Cheryl Taylor’s book “Christmas is coming”   In fact there are several delightful quilts in this book, plus cheery pieced and fusible-applique projects such as table runners, wall hangings, pillow, bed runner and even a Christmas-card hold   All are fairly easy


I know this photo is a bit confusing, but since I’m in a class, I have to take what I can get.   The quilt on the top left is from the above mentioned book,    The little house piece is from a pattern called “It’s a keeper” and has hooks to hang your keys on the bottom.

P1020036This  table runner  which is simple with a clean look is from “”Christmas is Coming”


Baker’s Dozen by Bit’s and Pieces has 13 nice pieces including this bag. aprons, table mats and table runner.


In the  “show and tell” section, this lady was wearing this interesting skirt she has made.   Only really it is a pair of pants as well.  Terrific for travel.   Until she showed us it was also a pair of pants, we did not know.   It has only a front and back seam, but looks similar to this idea   http://www.pinterest.com/pin/470696598526606534/


This is a class available August 3.   I think it is a beautiful table runner.  I am tempted I need more hours in my days s or maybe I just need to rearrange my day to use the hours better.    – Maybe the Fitbit will  to do it’s own thing which would give me an extra hour and a half.  sigh. sigh.

Oh and I should mention that after several days of very warm, dry weather, when I went to feed the alpacas tonight, their bowls had 3″ of water in them.   We are expecting another downpour tomorrow and then back to warm, dry weather.   We loved having the gardens watered for us.