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Spinning class with Judith MacKenzie

Before I left today Kati and Zach came over for a bite of lunch and to pick the raspberries.  And Bill found that one of the hens sought to hide her eggs in the chives while another hid hers under a small row-boat being stored there.   Another likes a rabbit box down near the other chickens, two hens lay theirs in the cat bed, and wonder of wonder,  3 actually lay their eggs where they are supposed to lay them.  It is a great hide and seek game we have here.

No photos tonight since I forgot to bring the cord that downloads them.   Maybe tomorrow I can find the Iphone cord in the car and take some photos with that camera.    Port Townsend is right on the tip of the peninsula   so we look across the water and I’ll check tomorrow but I’m thinking maybe we can see Canada  It was a gorgeous  drive up here with the sun shining brightly. (80 degree weather)

In our room was a gift bag of lovely sample fibers from different companies advertising their fiber.   They are such yummy pieces.

After a meet and greet time, with plenty of snacks, we met in the classroom.  We first learned how to take apart our spinners and clean them.   There are parts to clean that I didn’t know existed.   Interesting and easy to clean.    Then Judith the teacher gave us each a pack of roving we can spin at our leisure and helped any of us who could use some with the sample fiber she had there.    Tomorrow she will provide the fibers as she guides us through the different tasks.