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P1010989 well work

When we moved here and had our well drilled, we were “out in the country”.    The driller we hired to drill the well, hit a great underground water source and all was going super.   Then some developers decided they would build many houses near us – and I mean well over a thousand.   They are still building.   All those homes need water, so they drilled, either 8 or 10 large community wells.   And all those wells take water.    This slowed us down from 35 gallons a minute to insufficient water to even water our greenhouse all at once.

 The man who services our water treatment system told us that we should either have a new well drilled, or get a 1000 gallon storage tank.   So while I was gone to my class, Bill had the well pump men came out to see if they could coax more water from the existing well.  While they worked, I prayed that God would supply us with water.    I not only asked for water, but abundant water.    Today they finished their work and we have ABUNDANT WATER.   We need 10 gallons per minute to service our fire system, but have 25.  And it appears to be much cleaner coming out of the ground than what we had before.  What a GOD!

We weren’t completely without water while they worked as the neighbors let us hook up a hose to their barn for the three days the work was being done.   It felt somewhat like camping in that we tried to use as little as possible.  So now the dishwasher is going and the greenhouse is getting watered.   Next will be the laundry and watering the outside gardens.

As we were discussing this at breakfast this morning, we realized again how blessed we are to live in a country where we have clean running water.   We are thrilled to help fund wells for those who don’t have this privilege.