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Globetrotting bom

P1020030 Globetrotting block

Between gardening, running to the store, and making my Fitbit happy, I snatched a bit of time to put this July block together

P1020031 blocks thru july

Here are the blocks so far for the year.    Since she only gives us one clue a month, I’m not sure how she will fill in between the blocks or what she has chosen for borders.   It will be interesting as this is a very busy quilt top.

The rest of the spring volunteer potatoes are now out of the greenhouse, so I can plant some broccoli and cauliflower there for the late fall.  This will be a bit of an experiment to see how late I can still harvest it.  ae nd I want to get more carrots, lettuce, table onions in there as well.    We’ll see how much energy there is for all that since I also have a quilt that must get quilted.