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Children’s hospitals always seem to need more pillowcases.   The children who come in get a new pillowcase that is there very own to keep.   And if they leave and have to come back, they get to choose another pillowcase.    They need thousands every year.   The Sew Expo netted them 5000, since people were asked to bring a pillowcase for the hospital.   If I remember correctly, that was about a third of what they use annual.    The parents who stay at Ronald’s house are each given one as well.

So today, I spent the entire day selecting fabric and cutting it.   I have totally run out of children’s prints.    So there are a few adult ones on the frame.


They are cut 27″ by wof of the main fabric, 9″ fabric for the band and a 2″ fabric for trim that goes between the band and the main fabric.    So each case takes a bit over 1 yard.     This is what the cut fabric for 100 cases looks like.   Tomorrow, I will take them down by color into piles.   Then as I can, I will press the fabric and sew it.   I could not afford to do this if I had to buy all this fabric at today’s prices.  I am so glad that I purchased fabric when I could get it at 1/2 – 3/4 off today’s prices.


I will have more  photos to show you when I actually start sewing.