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Starting Over and Over and Over

P1010970 greeen cowl

Remember this cowl from yesterday    Although I have knit many socks, and a few other items, I’m still a beginner when it comes to knitting.    This pattern has several “new to me” techniques.   First was the new cast on.   I think I have that learned now having practiced it three times.  Next came the cables which caused me to take rows out several times.   And the last thing I noticed is that the twisted stitches weren’t all twisted and my piece  looked like a beginner piece.   So I put all the yarn back on the ball and have started over again.   Now I’m only about 6 rows into the project.

But I bet when I finish this project, I’ll understand a lot more about these techniques!   I’m glad this is a small project.   And isn’t that why we do some of these things – for the learning involved.   I could just go buy something like this, but what fun would that have been?

Since this is a day of rest, the project has been put on hold until at least Sunday.   I’ll be driving about 3 hours to a class on spinning for 3 days and will try to blog, but I doubt there will be much knitting time.