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I’m wishing all of you across our Northern border a very happy celebration day .  Not only is it Canada Day, but it is the first day of the second half of the year.   Up until now the year has plodded, now it will race toward the end.  So now is the time to start thinking about holiday gifts.

Today I will try to make my monthly list, and get it posted tomorrow.   Somehow that didn’t happen last month and I did not get as much done as I could have.   I think I wasted lots of small time periods.  And since we are predicted to get to 90 today, it seems like a great afternoon to go to Costco and get that shopping done.   Maybe I can get to Hobby Lobby, a store nearby to which I haven’t yet been.   (Can you tell shopping isn’t my thing)

We went to Costco and bought minimally, and nothing at Hobby Lobby.

P1010923 broccoli P1010921 cauliflower

I started my morning with cleaning the broccoli, and cauliflower that I let get to nearly blooming.   They will still be just fine for soups this winter.  They are now in the dehydrator.

P1010925 carrots P1010922 cabbage

 There was still some cabbage and carrots  in the refrigerator drawer, so they were added to the dehydrator.  There are more cabbages, both white and red waiting to be picked, so it’s good to have this processed.   And it these dehydrated vegetables will taste so good in the winter soups.  And while I was preparing these, I made a carrot salad for lunch and put some of the veggies in a separate bowl for stir fry.

Strawberries are finished, but I did pick raspberries yesterday.  A friend did us a favor and I gave them to him for his family.   So I will post photos from the next picking.

This week also is the time to start planting my winter foods such as root crops and lettuces that will go through the winter.  So there is plenty to do.