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It’s a Jungle!

The greenhouse has literally become a jungle – well nearly so. P1020018

 The front half of the middle row consists of 4 large banana trees each with several young sprouts that will need to be split this coming spring.


This celery, I purchased as a 12 pack from the health food store.   Each pod had more than one start, so I just planted all 70 of them.    They are all doing great and we will have plenty of celery all winter.   Today I removed the last of last summer’s celery



These are volunteer tomatoes which are mostly sweet 100 type and very prolific


These tomatoes are for the most part standard sized tomatoes   I started the seed before I knew so many would volunteer.


Across from these tomatoes is the row I worked on today.   I cleaned out the weeds and the tops that I was saving for seed.   There are still 5 red cabbages down near the other end.  Next week I will plant seeds in the other half of the row.   There were also many toad holes and even one toad about 3″ long.  Then I planted some basil and kale that should have been transplanted two weeks ago.    Also I added carrot and lettuce seed.

There is a row across the back that is still half full of potatoes (we ate the other half) and I will probably put more carrots, possibly some beets etc back there.




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