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Happy Birthday, son/butterfly garden

P1010928 shattered window

Do you recognize this which appeared shortly after I arrived in the sewing studio this morning?     I was across the room and it sounded like cracking ice.    I looked up to see this large window splinter.   It is double paned and only the outer one broke.    I will place a call to the insurance company in the morning.   I have no idea what it was all about as I wasn’t even near it, now were any of my animals,

I had about enough time to finish the quilt on the machine, but the machine didn’t want to work – which is why I didn’t finish it earlier.   So we took the machine to the “hospital” on the way to Seattle to celebrate our son’s birthday.

First stop was Panera’s Bread which we all enjoyed, then off to the Butterfly gardens at the science center.

Before entering the gardens, there is a display of a few insects and these wonderful dioramas of what people might enjoy eating,


P1010930P1010931 grub meals

And then with proper instructions on how to behave inside the gardens, we were allowed to enter.

P1010952P1010951 ID cards

The first thing we learned was that if you want to keep track of your group, dress them alike

P1010948  easily recogninized

The Science Center has permits  only to import cocoons.  So a hatching box is necessary.

P1010942 cocoons

This child wanted to have her photo taken when the butterfly landed near her.

P1010935 child near butterfly

The entrance as well as the entire garden is very tropical and beautiful.   I should remember to visit in the middle of winter as it would be so cheery.


Signs abounded with information about the butterflies and the plants.   Interestingly, we noted that often times the butterflies were attracted to flowers much like them in coloring.   I hadn’t thought about that before, but it does make good sense.


This species won first prize in my book.   It looks like an eye on the outside, but on the inside – gorgeous blue.

P1010950 lue insideP1010964 eating bananaP1010941 blue butterfly

And here are a few of the others unidentified and in no order

P1010944 orange int blackwhite outwinsP1010960 orange blackP1010954 stunning bfly

And of course one can’t have a birthday without a clown!

P1010956 eat a bfly

These are coffee beans growing here and obviously being admired

P1010945 coffee  beansP1010946

Did you know the cocoa tree sprouts flowers from it’s trunk

P1010953cocoa tree

We were checked for hitch hikers before being allowed out into this room.     I can’t wait until August to take the grandsons.

P1010968 insect puzzles

I hope you enjoyed the fun day we had.

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