Twisted madness sock

I think this really matches the day or maybe the month.   Twisted Madness sock is the knitting chosen for a competition on Ravelry.    The way I understand it is that you must knit as much as you can of this pattern in two weeks and then they group those that have finished at least half of it, into groups according to how fast you accomplished this.   I am not a fast knitter.   This is the qualifying round.   There are 7 rounds after this, probably with each getting more difficult and less time.    It looked like a fun thing to do with all my free time.   Or maybe it was the 4 loads of laundry including the king size sheets that twisted my mind into thinking I should knit these.    Whether or not I qualify, I will still be able to get the patterns for the other 7 rounds.

I thought this was interesting.   This is from the two balls you see above.   I would not have guessed there was that much blue in it.   And perhaps that is how much of each color is in the ball.   It will be interesting to see it develop.





2 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    The two balls in the picture do not look anything like what you knitted at the bottom. Did I understand that right? Both are pretty, but do not look related.

  2. I bought 5 balls of a specific yarn, same colour, same dye lot – four looked like black, gray and white with a splash of bright pink – the 5th one looked mostly bright pink, with maybe a bit of black and white? At least your balls seem to be wound from about the same spot in the pattern (or did you have to work to get it that way?).
    I hear from some people that they can only work on these socks for brief periods because the stitch pattern bothers their hands. And some people are already finished the pair? Yikes!