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Hoop house gardening plus digitized owls

Finally I ventured out into the much neglected hoop house to see if anything lived through the winter.   I have been very discouraged because through our coldest times, I have found the door open.   So I didn’t expect any live plants.  Much to my surprise, the parsley and kale (left) seemed happy.   The kale on the other side also survived.The Swiss chard here is coming back and there are still a few onions.   Today I eliminated all the weeds you see on this side.  Since I didn’t get plants started, I’ll wait another week, then the store should have the organics in and I’ll just buy started plants this year.

Here is one of the digitized owls sewed out.

It’s a small quilt, but is coming along and giving me a chance to learn a new program.  There is still another row of larger flowers to put below these bugs.