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Late winter canning

The red potatoes aren’t holding as long as the while ones, so we either use them fast or we toss them.   This is the use them fast method.   My Bosch has a French fry cutter and I attach a bread bag on the shoot for ease of cleaning as well so it doesn’t shoot to far.

I add a teaspoon of salt to the bottom of the jar.   Then from the bread bag, they go into the pouring container and into the jars.  The lids are in water waiting.

They only have to process in the pressure canner for 40 minutes, but then it takes that long to heat up and again that long to cool down.   That makes 21 quarts take longer than it seems it should.   If I can round up another few jars, I’ll be canning some of the white potatoes that are thinking spring.

And of course, some potatoes had to become fries for lunch.    Why is it that potatoes, which are great tasting by themselves, get so doctored up?


I had to blur out the pattern on these because the designer is not ready to distribute it.   But I wanted you to see the colors.   I have pulled all this out, because once again, the second skein was started at the wrong end.   I thought I could live with it, but I can’t.   So they are taken apart and when I have recovered from having to undo them, I’ll make another pair.   All 4 skeins have now been checked and 2 were skeined reverse at the factory.