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Jelly Forest quilt

The floors are swept and mopped, the laundry is done and the rest of the morning was filled with errands: taking DD to get prescription, delivering some items, and grocery shopping.    All done for another week – maybe.

I was able to trim and bind this quilt, called “Jelly Forest” from the book  STRIP YOUR STASH by Gudrun Erla.   It measures 55 x 81, perfect for covering one for a nap.  I quilted it with the design called “Whisper” by Anne Bright and used a permanent marker to put my name and year on the back of the binding.   I will probably keep this one.

I then cleaned the bobbin area out of the three machines I used this week, so they are ready to go again.

   Then I cleaned off the cutting table and mounted the purple hummingbird quilt ready to quilt.  I’m hoping to get this quilt finished as well as the snowman quilt.   Soon, I  have to process the scraps into their homes until used.   I only did half of my walking each day, but I feel good about the accomplishments.  It seems to take so long to get the preliminaries done, and then POP, one gets several finishes.


Here are the new girls (left) of which I promised you a photo.   They have integrated well with the fowl we had.

Have a blessed and restful Sabbath.