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Mistakes and a finish

Mistakes make life interesting would be an understatement.    I started in the studio with a success.   I discovered why my design was not getting to the embroidery machine.   It was too large.    I downsized it, put it in the machine and started my first flower.   Then I couldn’t find the applique scissors.   I called DH down for a second pair of eyes.   He found them in the drawer in which they belong.   And we found a pair of reading glasses for very up close work – taking stitches out.   After trimming, I put the design back under the needle upside down.   That’s a great reason to mark your item with a “L” and/or a “R” if there might be a question.    Starting again, I marked the L and R, but forgot to put down the bottom layer.   Here is the third mistake, which I was able to salvage and get right.    No, I won’t be wasting the fabric in the first two mistakes.   They will be turned into something else.  And finally here is one finished flower.

The rest of the day went good, but I certainly feel like I spend hours learning – like Edison from mistakes.  This has been a great quilt for learning.

Because of all the large appliques and it is a small baby quilt (34.5 x 39.5) I decided to just stitch in the ditch.   Then I bound it with some on the bias binding I made for a different quilt and changed my mind.   So I now have one finish for March.  If you are interested, this quilt is Debbie Mumm’s Sampler Quilt in her Favorite themes group


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