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machine embroidery

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Neurologist, new phone, digitizing

DH has been having some issues with balance and shuffling.  Today we went to the neurologist for a review.   He says the only thing he can see that indicates Parkinson’s is the shuffle and is sending DH to the physical therapist to work with him on that.  He also said that DH should be reminded frequently to stand up straight and take long strides.   His brain will be retrained in that way.  DH had a brain scan and the doctor remarked that the brain “looks beautiful”.    Apparently if it is Parkinson’s, DH is very fortunate that he is getting it at this age instead of younger as it advances more slowly.

Since Christmas I have not had a dependable phone, even though the Apple people have tried to repair it, and replaced it once.   We went to the store and I now have a new IPhone 7.   So hopefully all my phone woes are over.

The rest of the afternoon, I played with the digitizing program and hopefully tomorrow will be able to do some more stitch outs.