Daily Archives: March 17, 2017




Disagreement with God day

Disagreement with God day started out with me being impatient with DH, because he wanted to go with me to the store and I had my agenda for the day and didn’t want to wait.   However, I did rearrange the schedule and then kept asking him to hurry.    I am way behind in the goals that I set for this month and I wanted to at least get one top quilted.   I haven’t finished a single project this week.  I also wanted to get some embroidery done for the birthday quilt.     We got back from the store and one of the daughters called and wanted a homemade gift for a friend’s birthday Sunday.    I don’t have the time to come up with something.

I guess my impatience reminded God that I needed another lesson.   So all afternoon, I was in the “school room” learning through one process and then another.   The digitizing didn’t go well, my phone isn’t working.  I spent an hour with the Apple people and they thought they had it fixed, but it still isn’t working.

I quilted on the quilt and had one more row to go, when I saw the above very bad tension.   The entire row was like that.   I looked good on the top, but was very bad on the bottom.   So I stopped and took it all out.    What is puzzling is that the row above this as well as the row below have good tension.   I’m guessing the bobbin was the problem as I was having to refill it frequently.  At least the quilt is still on the frame, so it will be easy to find my place again.

I did not want this lesson on patience, but my Heavenly parent saw the need.   In fact, I never ask for patience for fear another lesson will be forthcoming.    He, also, reminded me that He gives me 24 hours every day and that is plenty of time to get done what He thinks is necessary.    So I need to learn what the unnecessary items are and cut out some of those.

Now He has given me 24 hours to rest and be refreshed.    Happy Sabbath to each of you.