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Cleaning clothes closets

Cleaning clothes closets can take up the major part of a day when you need to try them on and then even wash some of them.     However, there are now two full garbage bags of clothes in my car to take to the thrift store.   Some of them are new – never worn – but don’t fit any more.   Most of the others are in very good condition and there are a couple pieces that will go to their rag bag section.   Now my closet (and drawers) hold only the clothes I intend to wear this year.   I have no clothes left to grow into (up or down).   If I change sizes, there will be new clothes to wear and some of these to go.  Now if it was that easy to take care of the other places in this house, but it isn’t.   I often find something that I haven’t used for a year or two is exactly what I need today.