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Gardening, cooking, some cleaning

After finishing the flimsy for the table runner that I can’t show until October, I headed out to the garden.The bowl on the left is HUGE.   After cleaning and stemming, I stuffed 3 gallon bags full of parsley from the hoop house.   The other bowl gave me 2 gallon bags of kale after stemming.   There is more kale out there, but since I had already planted and watered 48 little lettuce plants, I was tired and moved into the kitchen for the cleaning phase.

After cleaning all the greens and feeding the sheep, I made the potato casseroles for Sabbath company.  Then I prepared a salad with lettuce, red cabbage and celery.   I will add the walnuts and let people dress their own.  We will also have roasted cauliflower and broccoli.  I’m debating if that is enough variety, but I don’t think anyone will starve.   I have frozen corn I could cook as well.

We will end the meal with apple cobbler.   Wish you could join us.

There may not be a blog tomorrow as I have to leave at 8:15 to attend an all day class at city hall for landlords.   In that case I’ll wish you a wonderful weekend today.