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machine embroidery

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unknown socks/digitizing practice

I knitted 2 inches of ribbing for these unknown socks and then decided the yarn is too heavy for the pattern I chose, so will look on Ravelry to find a different pattern.  There are plenty of socks patterns that use a size 2 needle.   See the shadows, even the weather person didn’t forecast sun for today, so it was a big, happy surprise.

Today was productive, but so much was background work, like cutting and washing the batting and backing for the next quilt to be quilted, choosing fabrics for a quilt for my neighbors 90th birthday next month, and cutting the blocks which will be embroidered.

I did a bit more practice on the digitizing and this is the result stitched out.   All these things are done in the background and there isn’t much to take a photo of until things come together.   Then there are the normal living things, like getting up, dressed and walking the 10,000 steps. meals.   I try to get half the steps done before lunch.  It seems if I fail that, the steps don’t get done.

I started reading the time management book last night and one thing I picked up was to not only make a list – which I do, but to put times beside each item so you know how long it really takes as so often we under guess.  That was interesting.   I found that a 2.5″ sock cuff (cast on 3 times) took me 3 hours with a 10 minute break each hour for walking.   Some things took longer than anticipated and some took less.  Some things didn’t get done, which is okay.  I also only allowed 30 minutes of computer reading time until late afternoon.   I realize when I don’t really want to do something, I’m very entertained by reading email instead.

Tonight, I will put together a list for tomorrow, which will include grocery shopping.   I am hoping 90 minutes will be okay for that.  And I need to chose a design for the quilt that is now mounted on the machine and threads for the neighbors quilt.